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 Florence, Italy
 Rome, Italy
 Vilnius, Lithuania
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Popular Places to Stay in Brasilia, Brazil:

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Nobile Plaza Hotel
Qs 5 Rua 800 Lts 50/52 - Pistão Sul, Taguatinga

Popular Places to Stay in Florence, Italy:

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Hotel Monna Lisa
Borgo Pinti, 27
Casa Cimabue
Via Cimabue, 9

Popular Places to Stay in Rome, Italy:

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Gioia Bed and Breakfast
Via Vittorio Amedeo Ii, 20
User Rating:  4.3
Nazional Rooms Bed and Breakfast
Via Nazionale, 249
User Rating:  4.3
1st Nazional House
Via Nazionale, 249

Popular Places to Stay in Vilnius, Lithuania:

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Stasys Apartment
Pilies 23
Bernardinu St. Guest House
Bernardinu Str. 5
User Rating:  4.8
Jogailos gatvÄ— 13

Popular Places to Stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

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Um Meia Tres
R. Aprazível, 163
Hotel Villa Rica
Rua Conde De Lages 02 Centro(lapa)

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