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 Prague, Czech Republic
 Dubai, United Arab Emir...
 Bournemouth Dorset, Eng...
 Santorini, Greece
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Popular Places to Stay in Saugatuck, Michigan:

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BaySide Inn
618 Water St PO Box 186
Hidden Garden Cottages and Suites
247 Butler St PO Box 27
Maplewood Hotel
428 Butler Street

Popular Places to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic:

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Prague Inn
28. Rijna 378/15 , Václavské Námesti
User Rating:  4.6
Sokolska Hostel
Sokolska 52
User Rating:  4.0

Popular Places to Stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

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Savoy Park Hotel Apartments
10 B Community 317 Mankhool
Marco Polo Hotel
Al Muteena St.

Popular Places to Stay in Santorini, Greece:

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Residence Suites
Oia's Bus Terminal
Anny Studios
Perissa Beach
User Rating:  4.6

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