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여행자는 가입 우리와 함께 일하는저렴한 침대와 아침 식사 Sao Paulo, Brazil 리뷰 및 여행자 권장 당신의 침대와 아침 식사와 여관 예약 확인

저렴한 침대와 아침 식사와 여관 에 Sao Paulo, Brazil

저렴한 B & B가 Sao Paulo, Brazil
저렴한 숙박 및 아침 식사 Sao Paulo, Brazil

저렴한 가격 Sao Paulo, Brazil


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저렴한 가격:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Beats Hostel Sao Paulo요금부터 BRL 32
Sao Paulo, Alameda Ribeirão Preto, 258 - Cerqueira César   
Hostel - Feel the pulse of Sao Paulo @Beats PartyHostel. Beats hostel is: Lively Bar with many Music styles and Free Drinks!. Clean Ensuite rooms. Walking distance from Party Streets Augusta and 13 De Maio. 6 minutes to Metro. 3 minutes to Airport Shuttle. XL-long
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O De Casa
사용자 평가:  4.8   (읽기 3 리뷰)
요금부터 BRL 34
Sao Paulo, Rua Alves Guimarães, 321   
Hostel - Nice little Hostel, close to Avenida Paulista and subway green line. Very safe area and friendly staff.
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Aki Hostel요금부터 BRL 35
Sao Paulo, Rua Do Paraíso, 769   
Hostel - We're a brand new hostel with 21 rooms in São Paulo, located close to Paraiso metro station and famous Paulista Av. Our facilities includes kitchen, bar/restaurant, lockers and much more.
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Citylights Hostel요금부터 BRL 38
Sao Paulo, Rua: Padre Garcia Velho, 44, Pinheiros   
Hostel - The property itself is a calm and relaxing place, with lush greenery and open architecture creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. Our focus is on comfort, privacy, sustainability, and promoting the interaction of guests with one another.
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Olah Hostel요금부터 BRL 39
Sao Paulo, Rua Alceu Wamosy, 40    
Hostel - This hostel is well located in Sao Paulo´s business district, only 2 km from famous Paulista Avenue. It is 6 km from Congonhas Airport, and offers free Wi-Fi.
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Okupe Hostel Jardins요금부터 BRL 39
Sao Paulo, Avenida Rebouças, 990    
Hostel - O Okupe Jardins é o hostel de São Paulo criado para você que busca conhecer a cidade da melhor maneira possível! Localizado na famosa Avenida Rebouças.
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Giramondo Hostel요금부터 BRL 45
Sao Paulo, Rua Girasso, 471, Vila Madalena   
Hostel - calm, charming and cozy hostel at the most lively neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Starlight Hostel Sao Paulo요금부터 BRL 45
Sao Paulo, Rua Alberto Oliveira 62, Bela Vista   
호스텔 - 우리의 가격이 모두 포함되어 있습니다, 여기에 어떤 엑스트라를 지불하지 않아도, 우리가 모시, 수건, 아침 식사, 무선 인터넷을했다.
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Kera Smart Hostel요금부터 BRL 49
Sao Paulo, Praça Baronesa De Bocaina, 131   
Hostel - Stylish hostel with best location in Vila Madalena
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O de Casa Hostel요금부터 BRL 50
Sao Paulo, Rua Inacio Pereira Da Rocha, 385   
Hostel - More than a hostel, a tropical oasis in São Paulo
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Hostel And Pousada Sao Paulo
사용자 평가:  3.6   (읽기 2 리뷰)
요금부터 BRL 53
Sao Paulo, Avenida Rebouças, 1015 - Jardins   
Hostel - Comfort, economy and safety in the heart of one of the best districts of São Paulo, near the famous Paulista Avenue and next to the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theaters of the city.
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Escambo Hostel요금부터 BRL 55
Sao Paulo, Rua Coronel Oscar Porto, 33   
Hostel - Escambo Hostel is a high quality accommodation located at the central and most important area of the city (two blocks from Paulista Avenue). We deserve a special bar, fully stocked with Brazilian craft beers!
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Red Blue Hostel요금부터 $25
Sao Paulo, Rua Tupa, 804, Santa Cecilia   
Hostel - RedBlue Hostel is a communication hub for travelers from all over the world. With our friendly environment, you'll always find someone, perhaps from halfway around the world, to sit down and have a chat with at the end of a long day of leisure or business
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Hostel Vergueiro
사용자 평가:  3.0   (읽기 2 리뷰)
요금부터 BRL 130
Sao Paulo, Rua Vergueiro, 434    
숙소 - 숙소 Vergueiro. 품질 최우선입니다. 우리는 우리의 환대를 즐길 수 상 Paulo.Welcome의 다운 타운 지하철에 위치하고 있습니다.
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Viva Hostel Design요금부터 $50
Sao Paulo, Rua Girassol, 1262    
Hostel - How would you like to explore a new place, meet new friends, have amazing experiences and at the same time feel like you're in the comfort and convenience of your home?
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Hostel Alice요금부터 BRL 280
Sao Paulo, Rua Harmonia 1275, Vila Madalena   
호스텔 - 정말 차리고 상파울루에서 가장 유명하고 매력적인 보헤미안과 문화 지역 중 하나에 숙소를 다시하다.
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102 BBandJ - Bed Breakfast and Jazz요금부터 BRL 380
Sao Paulo, Rua Laboriosa, 102   
Bed and breakfast - The best place to stay in Vila Madalena, São Paulo.
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Pamplona Hostel요금부터 BRL 5,000
Sao Paulo, Rua Pamplona, 114    
Hostel - Welcome to Pamplona Hostel São Paulo. We are a modern, fully redecorated hostel with swiming pool, offering cheap accommodation in the best area of São Paulo
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